ebooks are officially here!

Publicado: septiembre 7, 2011 en Noticias

by Mike Breen

My friends, ebooks of our core content are finally here! You can download all three books at Amazon (Kindle or ipad), ibooks (ipad) or Barnes and Noble (nook). It’s a big day, no?!

Building a Discipling Culture:
How to launch a missional movement
by discipling people like Jesus did

There is a discipleship crisis in the Western church. Many Christians may come to a worship service, join a small group or even tithe, but few have the kind of transformed lives we read about in Scripture. If we made disciples like Jesus made them, we wouldn’t have a problem finding leaders or seeing new people come to faith. Building a Discipling Culture is the product of 25+ years of hands-on discipleship practice — developed in a post-Christian context, tackling how to make the types of missional disciples Jesus spoke of.
Launching Missional Communities: A Field Guide (award winner)
Among church practitioners, “Missional Communities” have become one of
the most discussed tools of the past 20 years. This is a book about where they came from, how they developed and how your community can begin launching and multiplying them to see those who don’t know Jesus begin the journey of discipleship. It is a practical, insider’s look, giving you the tools to make MCs come alive in your church.

It includes:

  • The theory and theology behind MCs
  • The key, driving concepts we learned in the past 20 years
  • A simple, flexible process for beginning MCs in your church
  • An in-depth look at MC life (from teaching to teenagers and from children’s ministry to multiplication)
  • Case studies on U.S. churches across denomination, size and context that have used MCs and the results of their efforts

Covenant and Kingdom: The DNA of the Bible
For many, Scripture falls into the same category as Shakespeare: valued and enjoyed, but seldom understood. Scripture is not, however, out of reach. The ability to identify the main themes of any passage is a skill you can learn, even as you seek to apply its truth to your own life. Covenant and Kingdom: The DNA of the Bible provides guidance for the path it will take to develop, to the fullest, your own individual relationship with God.


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