LA MINA DEL DIABLO (Bolivia-Potosí, la cruda realidad )

Publicado: julio 3, 2012 en Cine

The Devil’s Miner is a 2005 documentary film directed by independent film directors Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani. The film follows a fourteen year old Bolivian boy named Basilio Vargas who along with his twelve year old brother Bernardino work in the mines near the city of Potosí. The film includes many subtle realities of the miner’s lives such as the need to chew coca leaves to numb the pain of hunger and the long shifts they work regardless of age.[1] The film made its world premier at the Rotterdam film festival and its U.S. debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The film concentrates on the concerns of local workers who have fear of what they call “Tio” or devil. The film claims that over 8 million people over a period of time have died in the unsafe mines. The workers believe this is because “Tio” controls the mine and that Christhas no power in the mine. The workers often give offerings and perform sacrifices to a makeshift statue of “Tio”. The local Catholicpriest is unable to tame these fears of “Tio” although the workers often pray at the church before entering the mine.

  1. Mary Rojas dice:

    Governments really can not cover up these parts and if there are not competent mining authorities complete all managed from the central government departments such as in Bolivia and Peru have only fiscalicen functions for small-scale miners because it is the big question? there to manage the regional government departments and Bolivia will be for the bribes, or the lack of capacity, or is that policies are foolish and harmful will be no implementation or the great powers of the north or in which they arise are the looking lie the rulers to carry out their ambitions regardless of the dignity, the poor also have the right to decent work and an opportunity, these children should be in the classroom, and the miners should have all the security , health and life insurance, that sentence in twenty-first century continue to live and work in inhuman conditions suffered by our ancestors as Indians when the white boys who came from Spain used and abused their poderíos to commit the most horrible forms of exploitation to dispossessed, and at this time but otherwise follow our authorities leave nothing happen no matter the fate of these people, I’m not materialistic either fallen communist renegade avocado are not only perceive injustice and inequality of our neighbors, could be our sons, we expect that to happen.
    Realmente los gobiernos no pueden abarca hasta estos lares y si existen autoridades mineras no tiene competencias completas todo lo manejan desde el gobierno central los departamentos como en Bolivia y Perú solo tienen funciones para que fiscalicen a pequeños mineros artesanales porque, es la gran pregunta? que hay para que manejen los gobierno regionales o los departamentos como en Bolivia sera por las coimas, o las falta de capacidades, o es que las políticas son insipientes y nefastas sin implementacion o sera que los grandes poderes del norte son los que buscan tumbarse a los gobernantes para llevar a acabo sus ambiciones sin importarles la dignidad, de los pobres que también tienen derecho a un trabajo digno y una oportunidad, esos niños deben estar en las aulas, y los mineros deben tener todas las condiciones de seguridad, salubridad y los seguros de vida, que pena en siglo XXI, se siga viviendo y trabajando en condiciones inhumanas como lo sufrieron nuestros antepasados los Indios cuando los blanquitos venidos de España usaba y abusaban de su poderíos para cometer los mas horribles formas de explotación al desposeído, y en este tiempo siguen pero de otra forma nuestras autoridades dejan pasar sin importarles en nada el destino de estos pueblos, no soy materialista tampoco comunista caído del palto tampoco son renegado solo percibo la injusticia y la desigualdad de nuestro prójimos, podrían ser nuestros hijos, esperamos que esto pase.


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