First-Ever Ex-Gay Pride Month to Be Held in DC This Month

Publicado: julio 4, 2013 en Noticias

  • Ex-Gay Pride
    (Photo: Screengrab/Voice of the Voiceless)
    Voice of the Voiceless and Equality and Justice for, are celebrating July as “Ex-Gay Pride Month” to honor the achievements  of ex-gays. A rally will be held in Washington, D.C. on July 31,  2013.
By Melissa   Barnhart , CP Reporter

Members of the ex-gay community are celebrating the first-ever  “Ex-Gay Pride Month” and have asked President Obama to issue a proclamation to  recognize the rights of the ex-gay community and to commemorate their month,  just as he’s done for the LGBT community with “Gay Pride Month” in June.

In a letter sent to Obama on June 18 to request his  action and acknowledgement of the tens of thousands of Americans who are seeking  equality, Christopher Doyle, the co-founder of Voice of the Voiceless (VoV),  requested a meeting with the president or a senior member of his civil rights  staff to “discuss tolerance for the ex-gay community and how the White House can  ensure equal access for ex-gays in the nation’s capital, which is the only  jurisdiction that recognizes ex-gays as a legally protected class.”

Doyle told The Christian Post that the VoV has contacted the White House  Office of Public Engagement several times to request a meeting, but said they’ve  been “given the run-around.”

“They’re very interested in protecting the LGBT rights organizations and the  LGBT community because they’re getting a lot of money from them,” he said.  “We’re not going to wait for any president or any Congress to give us our  rights. We’re declaring July as the first Ex-Gay Pride month. If they want to  support us, and get in this century and understand that people leave  homosexuality and change every day, then they can do that. If they want to  continue to live in the Stone Age and claim that people were born gay and they  can’t change, well, that’s their choice, too, we’re not going to wait for  them.”

Ex-gay Americans are going to be on Capitol Hill on July 31 in celebration of  Ex-Gay Pride month, and will be meeting with their representatives in Congress  to bring awareness to this segment of the population that Doyle believes are  mischaracterized by the media and pro-gay activists. “Former homosexuals and  ex-gays and persons with unwanted same-sex attraction that don’t identify as  lesbian and gay and are seeking a different path are going to come together and  let our voices be heard.”

The two issues that Doyle said VoV and Equality and Justice for are  hoping to bring awareness to are tolerance for members of the ex-gay community,  and to ensure that Americans who are struggling with same-sex attraction have  the right to seek therapy in their state.

“If you’re not aware, the media and gay activists are extremely intolerant of  our views,” Doyle said, “they just label us as homophobic bigots, or we’re just  people who are denying their true sexual orientation, which is not true at all.  Thousands of us have experienced change, and we’re living happy, married  heterosexual lives. The other thing is that we’re trying to lobby for people  with unwanted same-sex attractions to pursue therapy. And we’re supporting their  right to self-determination. There’s an active anti-ex-gay lobby among some of  the gay rights organizations and gay activist community to try to take the  rights away from ex-gays.”

Doyle told CP that Washington, D.C. is the only jurisdiction in the United  States that recognizes former homosexuals as a legally protected class, and said  that he’s testified in New Jersey and has been part of the efforts to fight  legislation in California that takes away the rights of those who want to pursue  therapy.

“There are six states that have introduced legislation to try to take away  the rights of people to pursue therapy, and we’re actively fighting against  that. We’re tired of being on the defense, and so we’re going on the offense and  we’re claiming our rights. We’re going to get our voices heard without  anti-ex-gay activists coming around with bullhorns and screaming obscenities at  us, and telling us that we’re liars and fakes.”

According to Doyle, it’s of vital importance that pastors and their congregations support  organizations like VoV that help men and women who are struggling to combat  same-sex attraction.

“The reason why they need to rally around groups like us is because we’re  providing real solutions to people who are in the church that are struggling  with this issue,” he said. “They’re being told on multiple fronts that they’re  born gay and they can’t change, and that’s simply scientifically incorrect.

He continued, “the church has, unfortunately, not been a very good ally in  the past to anyone struggling with this issue and trying to find solutions. They  used simplistic notions of sin paradigm and deliverance paradigm, which really  don’t work. It’s not that God can’t do anything, but God uses great psychology,  therapy and counselors to help people understand the root causes of their  same-sex attraction, and to put them in places where they can resolve these  issues and experience healing. So the church really needs to rally around people  with solutions to this issue, and not just say, ‘well, you were born this way,  and let’s just love and accept you the way that you are.’ Of course we love and  accept everyone regardless of whether or not they want to pursue change or  holiness or whatever you want to call it.”

Doyle told CP that conservative family groups and politicians have been invited to attend the VoV’s July 31 reception that will  be held in Washington, D.C. to recognize the struggles and achievements of  leaders in the ex-gay community, and tickets and tables are still available for  those who want to attend.

“We’ve invited Reps. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.),  former Sen. Jim DeMint, who’s now the president of Heritage Foundation, and  Matthew Staver of Liberty Counsel. And we’re going to be hearing from a number  of individuals, including myself, who are prominent former homosexuals and  leaders in the ex-gay community. We’re going to tell our stories, and talk about  the work that we do and what we’re doing to fight for the rights of ex-gays,”  Doyle said.

To increase awareness and interest in the July 31 event the VoV will be  announcing this week a contest where people can create and submit a music video  that represents the struggles and achievements of ex-gays.


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