Staying faithfully in the ELCA

Publicado: julio 10, 2013 en Iglesia, Luteranismo, LUTHERAN CORE

Messiah Lutheran Church in Mauldin, South Carolina, is a strong, healthy congregation whose members are almost evenly divided between those who desire to remain in the ELCA and those who want to withdraw. In consultation with the bishop of the South Carolina Synod, the congregation has drawn up this addendum to its bylaws as a way of staying united in mission and service while honoring their commitment to the authority of Holy Scripture. They have given permission to share this so others who remain in the ELCA may adapt it to their own local needs:

Messiah Lutheran Church

Addendum to the Bylaws of the Constitution in response to policies and practices of the ELCA

We commit to teach and practice that:

(1) The Bible is God’s revealed Word to us, spoken in Law and Gospel. The Bible is the final authority and norm for us in all matters of faith and life, and we consider the Bible completely trustworthy with regard to faith and salvation.

(2) Just as all baptized Christians have been welcomed into the community of God’s family, we are called to respond by welcoming all people into the faith community of Messiah Lutheran Church.

(3) By grace, through faith, salvation is made available to all people through Jesus Christ alone.

(4) In the worship and education ministry of Messiah Lutheran Church, we will use revealed and historical names and masculine pronouns for God in our hymns, liturgy, and the Bible.

(5) God answers prayer, and we encourage prayer be used in all aspects of our lives as a communication with God.

(6) Human life is a gift from God that begins at conception.

(7) Scripture declares that marriage is a union blessed by God between one man and one woman and is the only sacred relationship for human sexuality.

(8) Because there is no scriptural basis for same sex marriage/union, neither the pastors of Messiah Lutheran Church nor any other pastor, will conduct or bless same sex marriages or unions at Messiah Lutheran Church.

(9) We will not consider calling a Pastor who is involved in a same gender sexual relationship, committed or otherwise.

(10) As God has freely given to us, each member of Messiah Lutheran Church is given the freedom to designate the distribution of their benevolence offerings.

(11) In His use of God’s Law and Gospel, Jesus confronted barriers that separated people from God and their neighbor. Jesus calls and sends us into all the world to continue His mission of breaking down barriers that divide people from God and one another.


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